Those who wander are not lost


I actually believe artists and scientists think very similarly. Complex, abstract thought? They both have that down. It’s all about where that thinking takes you after that.

Hi Gail! I picked up your run on Wonder Woman and as someone who never really read her solo book before, I'm loving it! The Rise of the Olympian arc has me on the edge of my seat!


I am so glad.

It’s an odd thing to say, but I think Wonder Woman is generally not really written from a female perspective, so much as a guy’s idea of what a female perspective SHOULD be. She is often not written so much as how guys view females, but how they feel she should behave as a paragon of woman-hood.

Which makes her message somewhat gobbedygook.

Not everyone loves my Diana and that’s fine, but I wanted her to be female, I wanted her to be about sisters and daughters and mothers and kindness and compassion and rage and jealousy and nurturing and all the things that we experience over the course of our lives.

I honestly think there are some who still find that part of my run very off-putting. Which is fine, I am not judging anyone.

But I wanted a Wonder Woman who was equal parts of her name.



dumb stupid idiot baby clark forgetting that he can

  1. fly
  2. see through walls
  3. hear her heartbeat or breathing or something

and instead opting to stand on his toes


He’s so downright terrified for his mother that he simply forgets everything else about himself. He cannot even bring himself to step into the house first. You can just feel his heart in his throat when he yells out for her. He NEEDS to hear her voice first, he needs her to say it herself, that she’s all right.

And Martha’s voice rang out clear and steady, anchoring him again as always.


The Batman Franchise 1989-2012 ”There is no defeat in death, Master Bruce. Victory comes in defending what we know is right while we still live.” - Alfred Pennyworth

2016- will probably be the start of a new Batman franchise. 



Before I had tumblr I had no idea there were any sexualities other than heterosexual and homosexual. I never considered gender inequalities still existed.

That doesn’t mean I was purposely trying to discriminate or upset people.

There is a difference between being just ignorant of something and purposefully discriminating.

Give someone a chance to learn and be enlightened before you slam them as rude, horrible people

god bless

Ha-Harleyquinn requested Harley Quinn or Catwoman


So forgive me, I promise there’s a weird point to it.

Many of you may remember my beloved rescued racer greyhound, ‘Scuro, had to be put to sleep a couple weeks ago. I know everyone has been through this, and we have all felt the grief. I know people have serious problems and this may seem…

This reminds me when we lost our lab. 


Why Batman took Dick Grayson in



Hans Zimmer Will Return to Score Batman vs. Superman!

One of the major uncertain factors for Warner Bros.’ upcoming Batman vs. Superman, nearly from the start, has been whether composer Hans Zimmer will return to provide the score for the film. Zimmer previously mentioned that he was leaning towards not doing it,…

I’m curious to see how he scores Wonder Woman?!